News breaks records

The team, guided by Predrag Mihailovic and his leadership including Mitrut Docan, Curelea Roxana, and Sebastian Culea, propelled Romania’s leading sports media platform to significant growth in key metrics in under six months through strategic Ringier Sports Media Group playbook implementation.

Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG), announces a series of unprecedented achievements in sports media coverage in Romania: Thanks to the dedicated team efforts and the implementation of the strategic RSMG playbook by Predrag Mihailovic and his leadership team consisting of Mitrut Docan (Editorial), Curelea Roxana (Sales) and Sebastian Culea (Video), the number one among Romanian sports media platforms has experienced remarkable growth in several key metrics in less than six months.

“Our commitment to delivering great sports content has been recognized with significant growth across the ecosystem,” says Predrag Mihailovic, Managing Director Romania Sportal and Chief Content officer, highlighting the team’s success. “These achievements reflect our collective passion for sports and dedication to excellence.”

Record-breaking achievements in a nutshell

  • Page Views: recorded a staggering 65 million page views in February 2024, an increase of 25% compared to February 2023.
  • Unique Users: The site’s unique users grew to 3.92 million, an increase of 12% year-over-year
  • Content Production: The team published 2,504 articles in February 2024, a 45% increase from the 1,748 articles published in February 2023.
  • Viewership Growth: GSP shows on Onnetwork exploded from 8,000 viewers in January 2024 to 216,000 viewers thanks to strategic homepage adjustments – a 27-fold increase.
  • Video Content: 726 videos were produced in February 2024, an increase of nearly 200 videos over the previous year.
  • Social Media Impact: Video views on GSP’s Facebook page increased to approximately 9.5 million, an impressive 197% increase from January 2024.

Successful video formats at

  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday, two presenters offer a fresh take on the Champions League and Romanian sports at “Euro GSP”. 
  • For those looking for in-depth analysis, “Premier GSP” delves into the nuances of the world’s most prestigious football championship, English Premier League, with a host and two experts in a dedicated setting. 
  • GSP Live” welcomes Raul Rusescu, a celebrated former Romanian national team player and 2012 Footballer of the Year, to analyze top domestic matches and contribute editorials in a new format. Join on this exciting journey and immerse yourself in the ultimate sports analysis experience.

Coming soon – the Spring 2024 outlook

In March and April 2024, will come up with a series of new additions to its offering: 

  • First on the list is the launch of a new video format, “La feminin, by GSP,” a series that promises to bring viewers closer to the most influential women connected to the world of sports. Each episode, hosted by well known face Andreea Visu, will feature in-depth interviews with powerful women whose lives and careers intersect with sports in meaningful ways.
  • In addition, a GSP fitness show is currently in pre-production. This upcoming show is designed to inspire and engage viewers by offering insights into fitness regimens, wellness tips and more, all aimed at encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Rounding out our exciting new ventures is the launch of “Open GSP”, a podcast that promises to captivate sports enthusiasts. Featuring the biggest names in Romanian sports, this podcast will provide listeners with exclusive insights, stories and perspectives directly from the legends themselves.

With these offerings, the team demonstrates its leadership in sports media in Romania, setting new benchmarks for coverage, engagement and innovation.

“We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved, but we remain focused on the future,” says Predrag Mihailovic. “Our journey is far from over, and we look forward to continuing on this path of excellence and bringing our audience closer to the sports they love.”

Robin Lingg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RSMG: “The success of underlines the efficiency and effectiveness of RSMG’s strategy and the hard work of its dedicated team. I would also like to thank the readers and supporters of for remaining part of this remarkable journey. Like us, they have believed in the strength of the brand and have not been fazed by the internal turbulence. Within a very short time, we have turned the strategic wheel at GSP around and realigned the company’s strategic approach. The figures and plans for the near future speak for themselves!”